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College is the stepping stone to the future for most high school graduates and some adults looking to change careers. The importance of a college education is reflected in the fact that the number of students attending college is 42% higher than it was just 20 years ago. In part, this is in response to changes in the work force, where college degrees have become a requirement for most entry level jobs. With more than 4,500 schools to choose from, the selection process can be overwhelming. Just sorting through mailers can be a daunting task. This is where a College Admissions Coach becomes a great asset.

College Match Guru believes that the process of finding a suitable college should be a time of exploration and self-discovery, not of stress and hours of fruitless fact finding and wrong turns. CMG will guide you and your parents through a systematic process that includes understanding your goals and preferences, identifying your best college matches, acing your interviews, understanding financial aid and completing competitive applications.  Perhaps more importantly, a College Admissions Coach can help you interpret and give meaning to the volumes of information you and your family will collect, and provide insight and direction to the college selection process, something you can’t get from guides or websites, no matter how many you read or visit. The goal is to match you with a list of schools that will fit with all of your needs not just academically but socially, culturally, geographically and financially.

College Match Guru offers a unique range of services compared to many educational consultants. In addition to college matching, College Match Guru offers guidance and advice on college affordability and financial aid. Basic financial issues are included in our Comprehensive Package and we can also provide detailed guidance on how to avoid “leaving money on the table” when completing financial aid forms. College Match Guru has also developed several Tables to help you research selectivity and affordability, retention and graduation rates, and other important statistics on more than 1,750 schools.

Why choose College Match Guru?

Less stress, less time, better choicesSM

"Jeff  helped provide a clear framework that allowed our daughter to understand what she could do to help maximize her college options.  We highly endorse Jeff and testify that he is truly a terrific college match guru!"  --  Mary Grace P.

“The College Match Guru was well informed about a broad spectrum of schools, their academic programs, extracurricular options and financial aid as well.   Jeff has an organized process and timeline which makes the chaos of college applications manageable.”  -- Monica S.

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