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Between 30 and 50% of all college students transfer during the college years, so if your are transferring between schools, you're in good company.  In general, students transfer for one of four reasons:
  1. Transferring from a community college to a four-year college
  2. Transferring due to changes in financial situations
  3. Transferring between four year colleges for academic reasons
  4. Transferring between four-year colleges for social or demographic reasons
If you're transitioning from a community college to a four-year college, a variety of factors will determine how seamless the transition will be.  If you've completed your associate's degree and you're transferring to a state school in the same state as your community college, the transition should be pretty easy.  Go to Pennsylvania's PA TRAC website by clicking here, or New Jersey's NJ TRANSFER website by clicking here for details on how to apply to your four-year college.

If you're thinking about transferring due to a change in your parent's financial situation, you may want to talk to your financial aid officer before you decide to transfer.  Many schools will re-evaluate their aid package, even mid-year, if you can show that your income or expenses have changed.  Another option to consider is to take a leave of absence and work for a year before returning to school. If you leave the school on good terms, readmission is usually an easy process.  Even going to school part time while you work may be a better financial option than transferring to another school if you can't transfer all or most of your credits. 

If you're transferring for one of the other reasons, your task becomes quite a bit more complicated:
  • How many of my credits will transfer?
  • Will I have to go an extra semester or even longer to get my degree?
  • How can I make sure my next college is right for me?
  • Can I get scholarships as a transfer student?
  • How easy will it be for me to fit in and make friends at a new school?
  • Can I live in the dorms if I transfer or do I have to live off campus?
Fortunately, College Match Guru can help you find answers to these questions and with the entire transfer process!  The Guru can help you articulate what you need to succeed in a new college and take you through the steps necessary to get there. College Match Guru provides a wealth of information and data like the Enrollment and Transfer Table you'll find in the Reference Library by clicking here or through the handouts, links and references supplied during consultation sessions.  

A detailed list of our transfer services can be found by clicking on the Services Tab or by following the shortcut here.

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